Site Appraisal

With over 30 years of experience in Transport Planning, we help our clients solve transport problems and open up development potential of sites for a wide range of uses, including residential, retail, educational, leisure, energy, and employment developments.

Solving problems forms part of the Company’s culture. Our attention to detail and where necessary innovative approach have led to many successful and cost effective outcomes for our clients, some in quite challenging circumstances.

We provide advice from initial feasibility studies, site access strategies to detailed masterplanning strategies.

Our Services

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Accessibility Audits
  • Site Access Strategies
  • Junction Design & Assessment
  • Road Design & Assessment
  • Parking Design & Assessment
  • Vehicle Swept Path Assessment
  • Public Transport Strategies
  • Masterplanning Strategies

Transport Planning & Policy

The wide range of complementary abilities, skills and experience within the practice have been used on many occasions to assist our clients to determine appropriate strategies to promote developments in both the short term (via planning applications) and the longer term (via the Local Plan allocation process).

We provide expert advice and representation on transport planning and policy, taking into account the site specific merits of a given development, with a view to meeting our clients’ aspirations.

Our Services

  • Policy Review & Development
  • Site Accessibility Audits
  • Site Access Strategies
  • Public Transport Strategies
  • Masterplanning Strategies
  • Travel Plan Strategies
  • Expert Advice & Representation

Transport Assessment

Planning applications can sometimes be complex and politically sensitive, with transport often considered to be one of the more significant issues in the determination process.

We prepare statutory documents to accompany planning applications; including Transport Assessments, Transport Statements, Environmental Statements (Transport chapters) and Travel Plans. We use a wide range of transport models, including microsimulation and GIS packages, as well as our expertise to resolve transport issues and provide innovative and cost effective solutions.

We have a very open minded approach to the projects we undertake, treating every development on its individual merits. As a result of this approach we have delivered a number of innovative solutions that have secured planning consents for sites where previous attempts had been unsuccessful.

Our Services

  • Transport Assessments
  • Transport Statements
  • Environmental Statements (Transport)
  • Travel Plans
  • Gravity Models
  • Junction Models
  • Microsimulation Models (Aimsun)
  • Road Safety Audits
  • Expert Witness at Public Inquiries
  • Discharge of Transport Related Planning Conditions

Travel Plan Services

We have a team of experts who understand and believe in sustainable transport.

We have worked with a wide range of clients to develop travel plan strategies which maximise the sustainable transport options for developments. These include developments in a wide range of sectors, including education, residential, industrial, retail, and leisure.

As well as preparing Travel Plans for planning applications, we also fulfil the role of the Travel Plan Co-ordinator, so we have an appreciation of the travel planning process from concept to delivery.

For more information on our Travel Plan Services and our role as Travel Plan Coordinator, please visit the 'GET ME 2' website or email

We take a very pragmatic view of travel planning and work closely with our clients to ensure that the implications are fully understood, both in terms of the day to day delivery of the travel plans, but also crucially the financial implications. In our experience a well thought through Travel Plan, based on the site specific merits of a given development, can often be an asset in terms of delivering and promoting/marketing a successful development, without the need for unnecessary and costly commitments.

We practice what we preach. All our staff members use sustainable modes of transport as part of their commuting journeys. We are also an active member of a social enterprise car club, which we use for meetings and site visits.

Our Services

  • Preparation of Travel Plans
  • Implementation of Travel Plans
    • Travel Plan Co-ordinators
    • Marketing and Promotion Materials
    • Travel Surveys
    • Monitoring and Review of Travel Plan Targets
  • Development of Public Transport Schemes
  • Transport Strategies for Large Events and Developments
  • Car Park Management Plans
  • Multi-modal Transport Studies
  • Personalised Travel Planning
  • Discharge of Transport Related Planning Conditions