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Swept Path Analysis

At S.A.J Transport Consultants, we provide swept path analysis services to our clients as part of our comprehensive transport planning solutions.

This technical evaluation tool assesses the movement and maneuverability of vehicles within a specific space, such as a car park or a road junction. By simulating the path taken by a vehicle as it moves forwards, backwards, or turns, we can determine whether the vehicle can safely negotiate the area without encountering any obstacles or contravening any dimensional restrictions.

Our swept path analysis services furnish vital information to optimise transport infrastructure and ensure that vehicles can circulate the space with safety and efficiency.

Our Services

  • Buses & Coaches
  • Cars & Recreational Vehicles
  • Construction Vehicles
  • Fire Vehicles
  • Heavy Goods Vehicles
  • Light Goods Vehicles / Delivery Vehicles
  • Public Service Vehicles
  • Refuse Vehicles
  • Agricultural Vehicles
  • Car Transporters

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